What is Wishing Treats Caramel Studio?

A studio where passionate artisans handcraft hard caramel into deliciously beautiful candy and lollipops for weddings, brand promotion, or any occasion you wish! Our headquarters are in Delta, BC.

Who is Wishing Treats For?

Adults with a sweet tooth looking for a permissible indulgence.

And anyone looking for deliciously attractive promotional or celebratory treats for businesses, weddings and any revelry you like!

What does Wishing Treats Caramel Studio do?

Custom/Personalized candy: Skilled artisans handcraft branding, messages, designs or ideas right inside delicious hard caramel candy for weddings, parties, corporate gifts, office candy bowls, trade shows, or any occasion you wish. (More details below)

Retail: A wide selection of authentic fruit flavours, mixes, and special occasion candy designs are available for purchase in 60 gram bags in studio at 49 West Hasting and online at www.wishingtreats.com.

Candy Classes: In this fascinating (and yummy) handson experience our master artisans will take you, your group, or team through the process of designing, mixing, forming, pulling and cutting your own gourmet candy creations. (More details below)

Wholesale/Retail/Franchising Partnerships: We love to partner with like-minded companies and retailers to share the wonderful world of Wishing Treats. Please contact info@wishingtreats.com or leave us your card and the appropriate person would love to follow up with you!

Do you have a store?

Even better, we have a studio!

In our studio headquarters in Delta, BC, you can see our artisans actually make the candy from scratch, all the way to a finished batch. We love to give out samples to visitors fresh off the candy table.

We also have a wide selection of candy bags for purchase as well as seasonal lollipops, and candy sculptures to behold.

Our headquarters are at #3 – 8207 Swenson Way, Delta, BC V4G 1J5

What makes Wishing Treats Unique?

  • All our confectionary is handcrafted using Vegan ingredients, and Organic, Fair-Trade sugar.
  • Everything is made and packaged in Vancouver and Delta, BC, Canada.
  • Wishing Treats Caramel studio uses 100% natural colours and flavours, so the banana, actually tastes like banana, the Apple is real apple, etc. This level of authenticity is not found in other handcrafted candy brands in Canada.
  • We source the best extracts from several laboratories around North America
  • Wishing Treats is the first of its kind in Western Canada, and the first handmade candy brand in Canada to fully integrate responsible ingredients.
  • There are no preservatives or artificial ingredients in our candy.
  • Our master artisans have trained for years (about a decade) to learn the 200-year-old candy making techniques.
  • Our candy making studio and process is completely transparent. Anyone is welcome to visit our studio and watch the candy making underway, and try a sample fresh from the table.
  • While kids are more than welcome to enjoy our treats with their parent’s permission, Wishing Treats Caramel Studio is designed to be a permissible indulgence for adults.

What are the ingredients in a candy or lollipop?

Organic, Fair-trade sugar and glucose, 100% natural (plant-based) colours and flavours, and citric acid pulled from citrus fruits.

What makes a candy vegan?

Some ingredients in other candy,  like red dye for example, is derived from crushed insects. We make sure our dyes, colourants, and flavours don’t come from animals, or creatures, and that our ingredients are cruelty free.

What kind of lollipops do you have?

Our lollipops are handcrafted seasonally with the same delicious, and responsible hard caramel we use in our candy pieces.

Select flavours and sizes are available in studio only. Please contact the studio directly for enquiries about the current selection if you wish to have a lollipop shipped to you. 778-379-5891

Custom lollipop orders can be made in studio or online at www.wishingtreats.com (more details below)


Hand Cut Candy

Cost: The minimum order is $228 (3kgs). Add $76 for each additional kilogram.

Quantity: Each kg yields approximately 400 pieces. The minimum order will yield approximately 1200 pieces!

Packaging:  20, 30, or 60 gram stand-up pouches or 200 gram glass jars. We can also give you the candy in bulk. The minimum order would give you 50 x 60g, 100 x 30g, 150 X 20g bags, or 15 X 200g jars. If you wish, you can bring in your own packaging and we will pack it for you.

Individually Wrapped Candy

Cost: The minimum order is $255 (3kgs). Add $85 for each additional kilogram.

Quantity: Each kg yields approximately 500 pieces. The minimum order will yield approximately 1500 pieces!

Packaging:  Each piece is individually wrapped.

Do you make custom treats?

Custom Candy Details

Our custom or personalized candy is perfect for weddings, brand promotion, clint gifts, anniversaries, fundraisers, or any occasion you wish. Our custom candy is priced by the kilogram. there is a 3kg minimum order for each design. Custom candy orders can be made in person, or online at www.wishingtreats.com.

There are two options for custom candy, Hand Cut, or Individually Wrapped. (Details for each option below.)

Note: We make all efforts to match your desired designs. However, these are handmade products with natural flavours and colours, there will be variation due to our vintage, artisan candy-making technique. Specifically, the colour purple tends to show grey or peach under most lighting.

How it works: Once a custom order form is submitted, one of our candy artisans will contact you to confirm details or make suggestions if needed. The payment will happen in this step to secure a place in our production schedule.

Our candy artisans will then get to work crafting your unique pieces and send the completed order to your preferred shipping address. Alternatively, you can save on postage and pick up the treats at our studio at 49 West Hastings, Vancouver, during business hours.

Turnaround: While we will try to accommodate any request, we suggest orders are made at least two weeks ahead of time.

How to Order: Head to www.wishingtreats.com and fill out a Custom Candy order form with your contact information, shipping address, and flavour and design preferences. Make sure to let us know if you have any special requests! You can also submit a design in person at our studio at 49 West Hastings, or by email, info@wishingtreats.com.

Can I watch my custom candy being made?

Of course! We love to share the wonderful world of Wishing Treats and the fascinating process.

We can book a time during business hours when both you and the master candy maker are available.

Feel free to take pictures or videos and you can even sample your one-of-a-kind candy fresh off the candy table.

What kind of Custom lollipops do you have?

Custom Lollipop Details

How to Order: Head to www.wishingtreats.com and fill out a Custom Candy order form with your contact information, shipping address, and flavour and design preferences. Make sure to let us know if you have any special requests!

Price:  $59.85. The minimum order for each custom lollipop flavour or design is 15. Add $3.99 for each additional lollipop.

Size: These lollipops are approximately 3 inches across. Let us know if you would like a different size.

Shape: Typically our lollipops are made in a spiral circle or heart shape, but we can get creative if you like. We’ve had orders for butterflies, flowers, sandals, seashells, and more.

How to order: Head to the custom candy tab at www.wishingtreats.com and click on the custom lollipop design from. Custom lollipop orders can also be made in studio, by phone, or by emailing info@wishingtreats.com.

Note: We do not offer exact colour matching as we use all natural colours in our candy and lollipops. Specifically, purple tends to show up grey or peach coloured in the finished candy.

Alternative: If you would like to purchase a mold for a certain type of lollipop shape, we can make your gourmet lollipops with your molds for you.

Can you teach me how to make candy?

Candy Class Details

The sessions are hands-on, letting you and your group become the artisans while crafting cut-rock candy or lollipops.

How to book: Email us your contact details to info@wishingtreats.com with information on when you would like to take a class, how many people will be attending, and any special requests. We’ll invoice you to secure your spot in the studio. You can also call 778-379-5891.

How it works: After booking a timeslot, when your group arrives, our master artisan will help you choose a design that fits your skill level and a flavour. We will then lead you through the process of mixing, forming, pulling and cutting your handcrafted, gourmet candies. Whatever you make, you keep! (It starts off at about 8 lbs)

Availability: Saturday’s with start times from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We will accommodate requests for alternative days or times whenever possible. All bookings are based on the availability of our candy makers.

Class size: 1- 6 people fit comfortably at the candy table but we can accommodate up to 24 people in our studio space. Large groups can either book back-to-back classes, or have different members of the group sub in during the hands-on portion of the class.

Class Length: 90 minutes

Location: Wishing Treats Caramel Studio Headquarters #3 – 8207 Swenson Way, Delta BC

Cost: $288 for the first 10 people. $24 per additional person. Additional discounts may be available to schools, registered clubs and charities, or select approved fundraisers.

Do you have candy canes?

We do indeed! Usually candy canes will become available for individual purchase in the winter.

If you would like to order custom candy canes, that can be done anytime. The details for custom candy canes are exactly the same as custom lollipops.

What would be good for a wedding?

Our most popular orders for weddings are 20 gram bags of custom candy with two names and a heart inside the candy. The minimum order for custom candy would give you 150 of these bags, with approximately 7 – 10 candy pieces in each bag. These are great for wedding favours.

Some brides/grooms prefere to bring in their own packaging to ensure everything matches their decor.  

Can you make this logo?

Some logos may be too complicated to show up well in a bite sized candy. If you send us a picture, our master artisan can let you know what would work best, and make suggestions for a simplified candy version. We’re determined to make sure your branding comes through in your order the way you want it.

If you would like to have the neatest and clearest look to your candy design, we strongly suggest ordering hand cut candy. Individually wrapped candy is smaller and therefore designs or letters can not be as crisp.

Can I get my hand cut candy order individually wrapped?

It’s not an option as the classic hand cut candy varies slightly in size. To be individually wrapped, the candy needs to be exact. Our machine cut candy is cut by a machine specifically for this purpose.

If you would like to have the neatest and clearest look to your candy design, we strongly suggest ordering hand cut candy. Individually wrapped candy is smaller and therefore designs or letters can not be as crisp.

What flavours do you have?

We carry dozens of flavours each with special artwork inside from fruit designs like banana to watermelon to kiwi, and messages.

Our flavours are mostly fruit flavours, as well as Rootbeer, Peppermint, and a few special editions that are revealed throughout the year.

Custom candy orders can choose from the following list, many of which are available to sample in our studio.

Apple       Banana Blueberry       Cherry Chocolate Cinnamon       Coconut Curry Melon Eggnog Grape       Grapefruit Kiwi Lemon Lime Lychee       Mango Maple Mint Mint Chocolate Orange     Peppermint Pineapple Pomegranate Pumpkin Raspberry      Root Beer Strawberry Tutti-Frutti Vanilla Vanilla Chilli      Watermelon

What is the most popular candy/Flavour?

Mixed Bag: Our Mixed bags are the most popular. Fruity Mix and Tropical Mix tops the list, but Emoji Mix, Love MIx, Citrus Mix, and any of our special edition or seasonal mixes aren’t too far behind.

Say it on a Candy: Our HAPPY BDAY,  THANK YOU, and I HEART VANCOUVER candy are some of our most popular choices for well wishing. IT’S A GIRL/IT’S A BOY, WELL DONE, CONGRATS and CANADA candy is a perfect choice for the right occasion.

Individual Flavours: Watermelon seems to always be a crowd favourite. All our options are delicious including — Apple, Banana, Blueberry, Cherry, Grapefruit, Kiwi, Lemon, Lime, Mango, Maple, Orange, Peppermint, Pineapple, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Root Beer, Strawberry, Tutti-Frutti.

Do you have anything that says/has____?

If we don’t have it in our regularly made items, we can certainly make it for you.  We specialize in custom candy to help you celebrate any occasion, send well wishes, or promote what matters to you — all through memorably delicious and unique gourmet treats.

I’ve seen this candy before….

Hard-caramel candy art like this (sometimes referred to as cut rock candy) has been around for hundreds of years. If you’ve been to Australia, or parts of Asia or Europe, you may have seen something similar.

Wishing Treats Caramel Studio mixes old-world technique with modern, conscientious practices and ingredients to introduce North America to an authentic candy experience.

Do you make gummies?

Not at all. Wishing Treats Caramel Studio handcrafts hard caramel into works of art. It takes many years to master this type of candy making.

Is you candy Gluten Free?

Yes, all of our candy is gluten free.

I’m allergic to ___, is your candy safe for me?

While we are not certified allergen free the candy contains no peanuts, is made in a peanut-free facility. We use coconut oil on our table and tool surfaces.

Can I take a picture?

Of course! In fact we love when you take pictures or videos. And we love to see them! If you post online, tag @WishingTreats.

Are you online?

Yes indeed. Along with our Website, we love to get interactive on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and even Pinterest.

We also have a monthly email newsletter where we delve into deals, new flavours, and behind the scenes fun. Let us know if you would like to be sent our newest edition.


Feel free to email us anytime with your questions or comments. We would love to hear from you.

You can also pop by our studio, or give us a call during business hours.